Thursday, June 21, 2012

If I have to hear one more....

...pretty bitch try to tell me, "It's all about confidence," I might just end up in jail for assault. I'm so sick of this shit. It is NOT about confidence. It has NEVER been about confidence. IT'S ABOUT LOOKS and everybody knows it, but nobody likes it, so they make up some stupid bullshit to shovel down all our throats.

You see, people can't take how awful and stupid they all are, so they invent stories and sell bullshit because bullshit is actually much more palatable than the reality of how horrible humans are. These stupid cunts float through life with everything handed to them, having NO IDEA what it's like NOT to be confident, because...well...they've floated through life having everything handed to them. It's pretty damn easy to be confident and think confidence is the answer when you've been given everything easily since the time you were born. Then, they have the nerve to tell ugly girls, "Deeeeerp, ha, it's all about CONFIDENCE."


I'm so sick of this shit. It's the world's biggest lie. It's just a way to shoot down ugly chicks. It's easy not to acknowledge someone's problems if you just convince yourself that their problems are their own fault. I don't pity the ugly girl, that would take too much of my own emotion. Nope, better to make her feel worse about feeling bad so she'll shut up and I can go back to my vapid existence. Quick, think of something...owww...thinking hurts....OOOOOO, I know, I'll tell her she just needs to be confident...then she'll be quiet and I can go back to reading Cosmo.

It's like a whole religion of STUPID. 

Someone really ought to kill these people. Except, no one will because, even though they're dumber than a squirrel's scrotum because, after all, a squirrel's scrotum isn't completely empty inside, they've won the physical genetics lottery, so everyone goes out of their way to preserve them...often at the cost of beating down folks who would actually contribute to the betterment of society. But, you know...they're not hot so....they don't deserve to even try to be functioning members of society. 

Even if an ugly woman finds the cure for cancer, AIDS, and the common cold, if she's not hot, no one will care. Of course, they'll gobble down her cures for their diseases, but they won't thank her for it. In fact, they'll make jokes about how ugly and therefore worthless she is.

Don't believe me? Look how everyone treats the world's most powerful women, many of whom don't fit the usual beauty standard, but are still highly educated, highly skilled, highly accomplished, important people, who have changed the world. But, they had to ruin it all by being born with DNA that doesn't soothe the savage beast. Those twats!! They shouldn't even be allowed to live. At best, they could maybe write down all their brilliance, but hire a hot model to appear in their place so that they won't burn the retinas of the masses.

That's another thing. It would almost be ok to be ugly if people didn't make you feel like you just shouldn't even exist; that by virtue of your existence, you're polluting their lives somehow. How DARE you be ugly and leave the house! How DARE you block someone's view of a more attractive person! How DARE you ask for help when a hotter person is around! How DARE you attempt to interact with more attractive people! How DARE you crave basic human attention and affection! Of all things, HOW DARE YOU BE HURT BY ALL THIS!!!! You are ugly, you should know your place is under the feet of everyone else and you should be more than content with this because we could treat you even worse if we tried just a little harder.

Goddammit....human beings are horrible little critters. They can all go fuck themselves in the ass with a curling iron for all I care. The planet would be healthier run by the plants and the cockroaches anyway. This is why I can't get too excited about global warming. I'm happy to let The Day After Tomorrow happen.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Should ugly women just commit suicide?

After reading this article on about how society has trained men to hate women, I began to wonder...what do men think ugly women should do with our lives? End them?

Clearly, men think that it's our duty as women to be gorgeous and if we aren't, we've betrayed them somehow....but there is no help for some of us, so what are we to do? The article cites some of the world's most powerful women and how they're not considered beautiful and how much anger and hatred they suffer from others as a result, as if all they've done for the world is nothing because they are ugly.

Go to any "men's rights" website or subreddit and you'll see the same thing: women criticized in extremely harsh ways if they're not beautiful and sexy, no matter what their accomplishments. Of course, if they are beautiful and sexy, they are still harshly criticized for having the audacity to exist as anything but sex toys. It's not enough for men to just see an ugly woman and say, "Eh, I wouldn't hit that, but whatever." They are flat out ANGRY that ugly women exist.

So, my question is, what are we supposed to do? Kill ourselves? I can accept the idea that I'm not attractive, that no man wants me, that I should just become asexual because I'll never get a guy....but I don't feel like I shouldn't exist.....but apparently men think I shouldn't....and if I choose to exist, I should never leave the house because my sheer presence insults them. Worse, should I have the gall to both exist AND leave the house once in a while, then I should accept that I'm going to be viciously attacked for having the nerve to be alive and to have DNA that made me look how I do. I shouldn't try to make a decent life for myself or at all try to make the world a better place, because afterall, at the end of the day, I am still ugly.

What do these men think the answer is? Seriously? Do they think ugly women should just commit suicide? 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ugly Girl vs Ugly Guy

I wanted to specify this as a place of expression for GIRLS for a reason. It's clear to anyone who's being honest and looking at it clearly, it's harder to be an ugly girl than it is an ugly guy. I won't say it's EASY for guys, but it's still easier than it is for girls.

An ugly guy is told to be cherished for who he is. He might not be hot, but he's intelligent, kind, generous, funny, etc., so you should look past his exterior. Females are not afforded this courtesy. Only if she is hot, or at least reasonably "cute" is it considered a bonus for her to be intelligent, kind, generous, funny, etc. Looks are always what matters first for women.

We also see it in advertising, TV, magazine covers, and so on. Haven't you  noticed how weight loss ads feature women way more often than men? How about cosmetic surgery and anti-aging products? How about magazines? You open up a men's magazine, it's full of half naked women. You open up a women's magazine and you'd swear they just photocopied the men's magazine and pasted different articles on top.

How often do you people watch? When you do, how often do you see a hot woman with a not-so-hot man? Compare that to how rarely you see the opposite. How often do you see or hear an ugly guy you know personally talking about how he won't date "fat chicks" or "ugly chicks?" Yet, he thinks because he's a man, it's okay for him to be ugly because he's any one of the aforementioned adjectives...and people encourage him to do so! They tell him what a great guy he is, how any woman would be lucky to have him and he'll find the perfect woman one day....and she'll be hot too.

If a woman has physical flaws, shes told to "get real," to lower her standards, take what she can get, that beggars can't be choosers, that looks aren't everything, that he's, "Such a (nice adjective) guy, you should give him a chance," even though last time he was photographed he got all the Big Foot hunters all excited. It seems like this is the case even if the woman's flaws a minimal and the man's flaws are maximal.

It sucks, it's unfair, there's no denying it.

I don't want to discriminate against ugly men, tell them they have things "easy," or tell them they are not welcomed here, but because females have things so much more difficult in this area, I want to make this place special just for us.

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's okay to be ugly

It gets so old.

"You just need to be confident."
"You just need to smile more."
"You just need to wear nicer clothes."
"You just need to see yourself as beautiful first."

Of course, the bullshit "advice" is almost always from someone who has NO IDEA what it's like to be ugly. Of course they think they know the secret to not being ugly...they're not ugly! Few of them realize it, but whenever people tell us this "advice" it doesn't help. In fact, it demeans us even more. 

The only thing worse than being ugly is being told to live in a constant state of denial. We're already treated like second class citizens for being ugly, now we have to be treated like we're crazy too, as if all of the things people have said and done to us to inform us of our genetic inferiority are all in our heads. Surely, NO ONE could say things that cruel, you must be exaggerating, there's no way, you must have heard them the wrong way, you're just taking it the wrong way.

Sound familiar?

Forgetting what all the beautiful people say, let's get real for a minute. The harsh truth is that we are not ALL BEAUTIFUL. If we were, models wouldn't exist nor would they be envied. Guys wouldn't all flock to the same handful of girls at a party. *WE* wouldn't notice how much crappier we were treated by most people. It seems like people almost bully us into "accepting" we're "beautiful" when everyone with eyes knows that we're not.  

So, what can we do? Contrary to society's OMG-YOU-HAVE-TO-SEE-YOURSELF-AS-HOT bullying, we need to feel it out. Accept that you're not hot. It's okay not to be hot and to know it. It's okay to express that you're not hot. The way you've been treated because of your looks is not imaginary nor is it your fault. The idea that you have to see yourself as hot only feeds into the idea that looks are the only thing that matter about a woman (which is another thing people who think they're being helpful don't realize they're telling you).

You don't get over things by pretending they didn't happen. People know this about every other unfortunate situation in life, but when it comes to beauty, no one gets it. Please, for your own sanity, realize it's okay to feel the way you do. It may help to subscribe to the Diary of an Ugly Girl subreddit and share your feelings, stories, advice, and anything that you think might be helpful to others like you.

It might not be much, but it's a start. You don't have to feel crazy for believing what you know is true. There are many women like you out there and most of them are too afraid to admit it because they know they'll just get belittled into being quiet.

You're not alone!